April 1, 2011

What can I say? I'm speechless, I really am. Thank you Michelle, at Ispirato Design for awarding "Stylish Blogger" to my little food blog!  (To quote those crazy guys from Wayne's World ..."not worthy!")  It's a good feeling to know that fellow bloggers enjoy reading my ramblings, and I'm overjoyed when someone not only makes, but loves, a posted recipe.

So, thank you again IspiratoDesign - Check out her blog as well to see her many talents, projects and interior design ideas. She is a true artist.

Since my first post on April 12, 2009, I've had the opportunity to meet and connect with many other bloggers, (some as far away as Italy), who all love sharing their creativity and ways to bring friends and families closer together. We need to get back to what's important; the core of our lives, our passions, our treasures and ourselves.

Now, keeping with tradition of accepting this honor, I need to post seven things you probably didn't know about me:

1.  I have been married 27 years to the best guy a girl could ask for. We have two beautiful daughters, ages (soon-to-be) 21 and 24, and are blessed with a close knit family of nieces, nephews, cousins, grandparents, etc., who love food and togetherness. It means everything to be able to have so many shoulders to lean on and share life with.

2.  I love music, all kinds. Listening to music is part of my daily routine. I don't leave home without it.

3.  If I could have a "do-over", I would have been a back-up singer.  Yeah, like one of the Supremes.

4.  I'm addicted to reality television. It's a sad confession to make, but I just can't get enough of those Jersey Shore kids, Bethany, or Real Housewives of Any County. And as for the Hoarders and Teen Moms 2, I want to organize your lives, I really do. I've found this addiction goes hand-in-hand with my occasional late night insomnia attacks, which is when I "search and play" these shameful airings.

5.  Many years ago, I was hired to do local commercials, and was on a children's morning television show. I had to sing with a dummy. You know, like a wooden one. I was assigned to sit on the ventriloquist's lap with my guitar, and the dummy would sit on me. This isn't sounding very good, so let's try and forget it, like I've been trying to for 29 years. What can I say, I wanted to keep my apartment, and the money was good!

6. I believe faith and prayer can change things. I believe in miracles.

7. I'm a cancer survivor, and it has been an experience I'm grateful for. It's helped me to see the world with "new eyes".

So, there you have it! And I am happy to recognize these bloggers to receive the Stylish Blogger Award:


Anonymous said...

very proud of you ---:)

little sister i'm goign to have to tell Connie ---you have admitted that her baby brother is 'the best' LOL :)

can't believe it has bee this long seems like yesterday

Ispirato Design said...

I was just having a glass of wine with my sister and decided to show her one of your great recipes (because we were talking about olives). I am so happy to see that you've accepted your stylish blogger award and have written such a lovely post (and funny) once again! Best, Michelle

"Vanilla and Thyme" said...

Thanks guys! (blush, blush)

concetta pastore said...

Hi Karen, I'm happy you got the blog AWARD it is long overdo your, presentation is just beautiful!!! congratulation a big hug to you and that great and
handsome husband of yours all my love Connie.

PS. I hope you appreciate my little message
it took me forever to wright.