May 4, 2009

Beware of Bathing Suit Season...

I don't know about you, but it's becoming evident that I have to really watch these next couple of weeks.

A promise has been made to my little nephew that I will go to the beach with him this summer. And this summer is coming up pretty fast. And my legs look absolutely ridiculous at this point. :(

Like me, if you're wrestling with trying to create healthy (but delicious) after dinner snacks, here is one that might get you through:

Sugar-Free Creamsicle Mousse

1 small box of sugar-free orange jello
1 small box of instant, sugar-free, white chocolate or cheesecake pudding
1 8 oz. tub of fat free cool whip

In a medium bowl, dissolve jello in one cup of boiling water. Stir well, then add one cup of cold water. Let sit for 5 minutes.

Using an electric beater, mix the dry pudding mix into the jello, blend well.

Fold in the cool whip by hand, then refrigerate for about an hour.

You can put this in the freezer as well.

I'm going to eat this sitting on a beach blanket to keep me in the mood, instead of wrapped in my sweats and fuzzy socks. Whatever works! Winter's over.....

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