June 13, 2009

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

If you like barbecue food, and follow "foodie" shows, chefs and recipe contests like me, you would have seen this blues-themed restaurant on Good Morning America. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que won a contest, up against three other contenders, for best BBQ. They have a huge food stand at the New York State Fair each year, and you can always plan on standing in line; well worth the wait. The paper plates are filled with smoky, sticky, finger lickin' heaven.

Although I've never been to their Rochester or New York City locations, I am lucky to live about 20 minutes from their Syracuse, New York "hot spot". Last night gave me a chance to sample some of their food fare besides ribs and slaw, which I've enjoyed in the past.

For $9.95, you can order a large sandwich and two sides; many to choose from. After much contemplating, the choices for our hungry table were: Pulled Pork BBQ, Philly Style Chicken Cheese Steak, macaroni salad, and of course, lots of fries, cold beer and diet Pepsi (ha-ha). The atmosphere was loud, a bit rude, and full of bikers and laid back waitresses. Exactly what we went for! We had lots of messy food, fun, and good conversation.
Of course while taking all this in, my wheels were turning as to how I could recreate some of their menu specialties at home. I have some great ideas which I'll be testing out soon. Next time, the barbecue and blues night will be on my deck with hopefully, some great BBQ as memorable and delicious as Dinosaur.
(photo courtesy of Syracuse.com)Website: (DinosaurBarBQue)

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